11 Reasons ‘Me Time’ Is Important

We live in a world where we have access to almost everything- it’s all “one click away,” they say. However, there is one thing that just cannot be bought or sought out there: and that is ‘me time’. While all the time consumed by our routine is not completely useless, the one spot that could add immense value to our lives is just being with ourselves, and here’s why:

  • Helps us unwind: Each day we experience a million stressors that unconsciously stay with us and make us lose our peace of mind. These stressors get carried forward and make us get agitated for small things that don’t even need acknowledgement. “Me time” helps us disengage from that and leaves us calmer and more peaceful.
  • Opens us up to new possibilities: When we finally gather the courage to say no to a fancy party we were going to go to but didn’t, and instead sit with ourselves to gather insights about the things our own being has to offer, we unleash wonderful opportunities from within.
  • Gives us time to ‘Just Breathe!’: I agree that we are not living in easy times. If we have access to more resources, we also have more competition that just diminishes the ease of all other things. Yet, we must know that the occasional pressure is what is good, and its constant nag is a rather detrimental factor to everything we are and hope to be. Therefore, once a day, just remember to sit and breathe.
  • A chance to connect with ourselves: It is often useful to just spend quality time with ourselves putting all else aside. A slot that we can take out and use to discover the our true calling which helps us find as well as add meaning to our lives. We get to establish a good rapport with our inner being and that in turn helps us tap into all the power we inherently possess but aren’t aware of.
  • Gratitude: One of the fundamental values we ought to have but seem to lack is gratitude. The time that we spend through the day being ungrateful is just adding to our ingratitude further, and we must replace it with giving thanks for just something, anything actually that could have caused misery had it not been around. Once we start, we’ll always have more to be grateful for than you could imagine.
  • Rationalise between petty desires and actual needs: We crib so much, and it’s not even worth it because more often than not we are cribbing about things that don’t have very much of a consequence. However, we also fail to keep up with the things that we actually need to equip us fully for this human experience, and that’s where we go wrong. Find out what’s superficial and what’s not!
  • Introspect: Sitting and researching about your colleges, jobs, assignments and projects might seem like a wonderful way to be spending time productively, and it is, but nothing can give you a greater insight into anything than spending time with yourself and really exploring what it is that will help you feel more complete and fulfilled.
  • Form opinions of your own: While its true that we constantly gobble down things that are given to us by others, it is important to know your own take on the same. Rather than doubting yourself each day, just go ahead and see what you actually think, your perspective and your opinion count, if not for everyone else, for YOU!
  • Grow by looking at things in hindsight: As human beings we all know we aren’t perfect, but here’s the deal, unless we accept our mistakes and learn to take our lessons from them, we can never grow! Let the past be a treasure that helps you grow richer as a person!
  • Increase self love: The one thing I can see all around me is that while at large everyone is very self centred, self love seems to have vanished, or at least diminished. Lets not let that happen, because to love thy neighbour, my friends, you’ve gotta start by loving thyself!
  • Detach: Some of the greatest philosophies and spiritual truths are formed on the basis of the value of detachment. Once we train ourselves to sit back and see the world as it is, we learn to let go of the things we have no control over and that becomes the greatest strength we possess.


  1. It reads brilliantly.. .!! …and so true. ..!! We are always caught up in this fast forward worldly affairs. ……me time is definitely a “thought provoking thought ” !


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