Let’s Make A Mistake!

The more I interact with people, the more I understand that there is nothing that is scarier for them than the process of making a mistake. We have all become so concerned and fearful of judgement, and so paralysed by the thought of being proved wrong, that we would rather live a life that is a minuscule amount of its actual possibility, than attempt to let it unravel its mystery in the due course of time.

The weird thing is that we continue to not want to make mistakes even when the apparently “right” decisions we make don’t pan out the way we had planned. Yes, there are times when the stakes are very high, there are people who you have to answer to- and I do believe that there are plenty, but please understand that suffering is inevitable and nothing, absolutely nothing is going to avoid it, because suffering is as important to being human as things like happiness and love are.

Our ego always makes us so afraid of being in the wrong, that ultimately we never embrace the possibilities of the situation going right. What we don’t realise when we stop ourselves so much is that making mistakes is the only way we will grow beyond our little boxes full of limitations, and believe me, there is nothing that brings you more power than being able to do something you thought you couldn’t.

Whenever I am deeply unsatisfied with the direction my life is going in, I look at the lives of the people I admire the most, and more often than not, I find that they have created the magnanimous lives that they live (and here I do not talk about their materialistic wealth, but rather the grandeur of their characters and actions), the more I observe that they had made plenty of mistakes and that is exactly what we need to do as well. We need to stop trying so desperately to get it right.

So let there be floods of embarrassment, let yourself be the butt of all jokes, but please, please, please do not for a second stop the child inside you- the child who is still innocent and able to see the beauty of the universe, the one who still desires to trust people, the one who is still the only part of you that despite being utterly hurt  is still hopefully stubborn, to be expressed, even if it is through a mistake.

Make a mistake, but honour the fact that you did it with a certain amount of courage and you did it because you are, in the least, as important as the judgements you have always placed so much importance on.

Make a mistake so that you can take responsibility for it and learn to stand up for yourself.

Make a mistake so that you can learn the art of forgiveness, and then let that forgiveness transcend to the rest of your world.

In order to learn to fly, you have to allow yourself to hit the ground many times over.



  1. Don’t forget that the moment you took a certain decision (which in hindsight is a mistake) the action was what seemed to be the most logical at that point!


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