Beyond the Bully

I was always taught that people who hurt others are normally the ones who are deeply hurt themselves, and I have seen this to be true on more than one occasion. There is always a reason for someone to have grown into a person who is the cause of pain and misery in the world. Whether that reason is something we agree with or we don’t,  it must be acknowledged that it can’t be avoided in terms of its capacity to turn a person into someone savage, or just pure mean.

I understand what it means to be a bully because of the number of times in my life I have tried to stand up against one. I understand how their sole power lies in their ability to instil fear in the mind of a fellow human. They derive their greatest pleasure from being able to sniff out a person unable to stand up to them, and then they find ways to feast on the same. Soon they embody a persona of toughness, which is often only a disguise for their true inadequacy, but most people can’t look through this because they get convinced by the threats they encounter along the way.

The bully may walk away having done what he’s done, but the Someone has watched their act and will find a way to repay them for it. Bullying a person bogged down by circumstance is the lowest form of human behaviour. Strength isn’t about an enormous capacity to throw your weight around. Strength is about being able to lift the weight off of another’s shoulder. It is about being kind when you aren’t being judged, it is about helping others even when you know you can’t be helped back.


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