Hrithik Roshan: There’s So Much More!

I think Hrithik Roshan is one of the most gorgeous looking men on the planet. His hair, his eyes, his voice, everything makes him hugely attractive to me. But that’s not why I have been in love with him since I was really little. My love for him has been for completely different reasons. It has been because I believe he has a beautiful soul.

At a very young age when I came across his interviews in Filmfare and other film- related magazines, I began to absorb all that he had to say in them, and believe it or not, he came across as a Prophet. From describing his spinal problem to going through his speech therapy, from his knee injuries to his brain surgery, from his successes to his failures and even his separation from his beloved wife, I have followed his journey. I have, since, always admired him for his purpose, his strength and his constant optimism towards life no matter what has come his way.

I must also make you all aware that I am a student of media and I know how it works. I know how easy it is to sway perception and how many tricks can be played on the public’s mind. I understand how people can project themselves to be someone completely different from who they truly are. In most cases, it happens fairly successfully because of the dedicated teams that celebrities have to enhance their ‘brand value’ and over time, their experience teaches them what works best.

But besides being a media student I am a human being. I am a person who has watched this man’s journey from afar. I have followed his purpose and watched him build his life with Grace. In my own head, I have disagreed with his choices and I have questioned some of them, while others have simply put me off at times. However, I have also seen  how he has communicated with the public over time, and in doing so, I have traced the way he conducts himself. Not for a second can I say that I have not gained wisdom by listening to him speak or reading the words he has spoken. Never have I witnessed his words not mean well for another or ones that would demean another human being or tarnish their time here on earth. Never have I learnt about love from anybody the way I have from him.

We have all been in situations where we have felt wronged. We have all seen things turn against us, but how many of us can truly say that we don’t crack under that pressure? I for sure, have, and ended up doing things that I am not completely proud of. But even then, I have believed that if every single day of my life I spend trying to evolve and be a better person than I have been in the past, I may be able to get somewhere. And the inspiring words and life of Hrithik Roshan have contributed to that hugely.

For me personally, the greatest lesson this episode has taught me is:

“You can be the ripest peach in the world and there’ll still be people who don’t like peaches.”

So whether the circumstance turns out to be in his favour or against him, I hope he can take it in his stride and go on living a life of pure dignity and humaneness. Even if he is just pretending to be an innocent man, I wish him more power.

More power to your purpose Hrithik, as a human being. More power to your dignity and more power to your vision. I for one, learn from you everyday.



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